Thursday, January 14, 2016

School days.....

Wow!  Let's just say a huge hiatus makes the little worker bees come out.  Or the fact that the materials all seem new and exciting since they are in a new classroom.  Same material, different shelf?!  Who knew!  I think the routine has been so good for the kiddos and they are thriving well.  It has been good to get back to the routine.  We have spent the week reviewing materials and will get back up and running with presentations next week.  This tired mama has to get her act together as well!

Oh, did I forget to mention that on day 2, I had to rearrange about half of the classroom?  I have posted some new pics below.  Day 1 was sort of a disaster with T-man's materials around the corner from the rest of the classroom and well, away from me.  So....I moved his materials right by the large table and he has been much happier and I can actually work with the other kids without him hanging on me begging for some mama lovin.  I'm not sure why I didn't foresee that issue when I was setting up the classroom, but some things you can't figure out until the kids start working in the environment I guess.

Here is the new toddler section.  Sorry the sun is really shining in.

New location for primary and elementary materials.

Below are some pictures from the last few days of school.  Kui was sick one day so there are fewer pictures of her work.  The boys were pretty productive even though their teacher is a little less motivated with the oldest child out of the environment.  For whatever reason, she keeps me motivated. Ha!

T-man working with the three-colored dowels.

Nito is helping Bubs with a review of the bank game.  Bubs is a little more encouraged when he has a partner.  The blessings of having multiple children!

Nito mastering the binomial cube.  He is eagerly awaiting his moment to get his hands on the trinomial cube that his big brother does.

Nito sorting buttons.

Ahhh......the trinomial cube.

Bubs enjoyed using these cubes to make words.  I think now I can get him to use them more often which will help with learning his phonograms.  You can see that there are a few in the pic.

Nito using watercolors.

Bubs doing the sunburst with the color tablets.

Kui working with the centesimal frame.  She uses the fraction insets to determine percentages.

Bubs working on handwriting.

The two youngest at their best.  Being loving!! (ok and a little playful).

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