Sunday, February 7, 2016

School days

We have been fairly busy the last few weeks, but my dear Nito continues to struggle with the pull of working nicely and being a 3 year old.  He loves to flip, jump, hurl himself, you name it, he does it, all over the classroom with T-man following not too far behind!  It makes for quite the interesting morning.

Bubs doing handwriting. least he is working.  Now if he would just take it to the table.

Kui practicing her typing skills.

Nito working with clay.  One of the rare moments of him working nicely.
T-man painting.
So for the fun of it, the pictures below are what the classroom looks like on a typical day when I don't pick up after T-man every second.  I established a rule in the classroom that if someone sees a material on the floor, they need to pick it up and put it back on the shelf.  There were two reasons behind this.  First, Bubs likes to use the materials as his stepping stones to get to the other side of the classroom.  Secondly, the sense of order for everyone in the classroom is totally off when it looks like it does in the pictures below.

Sorry for the glare.  The boot is there because Isaiah was doing shoe polishing.

The poor pink tower is always destroyed!

Oh and the bead cabinet.....T-man's ultimate play toy.
Hopefully the children are still getting some authentic Montessori education even though the classroom is destroyed most days or materials are up high out of T-man's reach.  I would love to know your thoughts if you are in a similar situation.