Saturday, June 13, 2015

2014-2015 Portfolio


Phew!  It's done.  Took me waaay longer than expected. It's definitely not a perfect representation of what we did, but it's a great recap.  I was actually feeling better and better about our year as I went through each subject area.  I guess you really do more than you think throughout the year.

I have included a few pages from various sections of the portfolio to just give you an idea of some of the paperwork that I saved.  For Montessori, there are not many worksheets so it becomes challenging to represent her work.  We did the best we could do for this year and hope that it will suffice. 

Multiples work


Earth and Sun

Parts of the Leaf

Ballerina Dancer by Matisse

Typewriter work

I had an Elementary trained teacher look over her portfolio and hip hip hooray!!  It looks like we are on the right track.  She was very impressed with what Kui had covered this year, especially in math.  She was also very helpful in giving me tips and suggestions on the areas where I was weak this year, like science and history.  So, I feel like the hard work paid off and I am very excited about the upcoming year.

Stay tuned.  We are taking a few weeks off and trying to start back in July. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Test results are in!

Well, it couldn't have been a better end to our first year of homeschooling.  We came home from our end of year homeschooling party and got Kui's test results in the mail.  I eagerly, yet scared stiff, opened them up to see how well she did this past year.  Drum roll please..........


Thanks be to God.  She passed.  Now at least I know I can attempt this homeschooling process next year without a severe detriment to her education and her brothers.  (You know Bubs is starting to read and I don't want to mess that up.)  Seriously though, I am thankful she did pretty well.  Her scores can always improve, but for the most part, I was happy.  It gives me a good jumping off point for planning purposes for next year.

Early in the year, I was torn between testing Kui or just doing a portfolio.  I figured this first year, why not do both?!  I have plenty of time to gather, organize, summarize, and beautify a portfolio right?  On the testing though, it is a beneficial tool for the child especially since Montessori doesn't have any tests (or homework).  It gives the child a chance to experience the stress or pressure related to test taking and gives him an idea of what a future college entrance exam might be like.  Ok that is years and years in the future, but overall it is good practice.

I am currently working on putting together (a pretty pitiful attempt) of a portfolio.  There aren't too many samples out there for the Montessori child (because there are no worksheets in Montessori!!!!).  Anyway....I am trying to throw something together and maybe have an Elementary Montessori teacher take a peek at it.  She may be the one who tells me I should forgo punishing my kids any longer with the Montessori thing and just go straight for the old school homeschool curriculum. 

Stay tuned!