Sunday, May 24, 2015

Phonetic Object Box

Is it calling for rain?  It looks like Bubs has an u..u..u..umbrella to use!

Bubs was thrilled to start this work.  He really started it a few weeks ago back in April, but I wanted to wait until he did his second box before I posted on it.  Just to give some additional examples.  However.....I don't seem to have any of those pictures.  Hmm..must be on the broken camera.  Oh, but hey!! Guess what??  We have a brand new snazzy camera on its way.  Can't wait to start using that thing.  I mean, of course, the Ipad is great and all, but not so fun transferring pics back and forth. 

The phonetic object boxes are quite fun and just what Bubs needed at the time to boost his interest in reading.  He is clearly over the sandpaper letters and almost over the sand tray.  He also isn't a moveable alphabet fan either.  We had some difficulty working with this because the shapes of the sandpaper letters don't match to the moveable alphabet for every letter exactly.  So Bubs got frustrated having to essentially learn sounds over again.  I still tried to make it fun, but this new presentation helped ease the tension.

So..I bought the really cute package of objects from Montessori Services.  Wow!  There are a lot of small objects in that bag.  Even a small drum with two miniature drum sticks.  Let's just say it's a miracle that I still have those drum sticks and that they aren't lost in the carpet, in the belly of T-man, or even worse, up Nito's nose!!

The first object box I set up for Bubs had beginning sounds that were phonetic (single symbol - single sound).  Objects like jug, bus, hat, box, mop, cat, etc.  There were 12 objects total.  I would tell him that I am thinking of an object and then I would write it down on a small strip of paper.  Then we would take each sound and say it.  We would say it faster and faster each time until we blended all of the sounds and said the word.  For example, hat.  H. A. T.  h   a   t, h  a  t, h a t, hat.  By the time we were saying all of the sounds together, he would screech and then immediately find the object that I had written.  It was so sweet to watch it click and see the joy on his face.

Can you see the old-timey vacuum cleaner in the upper left corner?  Nito thinks its a lawn mower!

Here Bubs is trying out his g, g, g, glasses. 
We still have only two boxes out on the shelf for this work.  Bubs is now to the point where he can work independently matching the labels to the objects.  However, I am struggling with trying to figure out how to get him to read all of the sounds on the label and not just the first one.  He tends to just read "b" and match it to the box for instance, but the label actually reads "bee", not "box".  Maybe it just takes time, but we will keep working on it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Maybe just reiterate that there may be several objects that start with the same letter and he has to sound out the whole word before he gets an object. You might also try using a jar or basket and having him place a marble or piece of paper in for each correct one. Each time you can challenge him to get more correct. Enjoyed learning about this concept with the objects.

  2. Yes good idea! I will have to try that.