Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First week of 2016-2017 School Week!

Well, we are back at it again.  We officially started school August 1st.  We have a baby coming in about a month and then my oh so lovely hubby is taking the kids on a month long vacation to Kenya while mommy and the baby gets some much needed one on one time.  So....needless to say the kids will miss about 2 months of proper schooling in the classroom.  We will take Sept. and Oct. off, but they will do work while they are away. 

We had a productive first week and I am determined this year to do a much better job of planning and preparing for the school year.  Isn't it funny how much better and smoother your school day goes when there is an actual plan for the day or the week?  I know my kids work better when their teacher is prepared and are much more interested in the subject we are learning about.  It also helps to have library books already in the classroom when you are ready to present a lesson on something.  Last year, I skipped a lot of great resources from the library because I just wasn't prepared and let the little things like that slip through the cracks.  I quickly learned that those "extra" books and resources really help reinforce the idea or point. 

Here is Bubs labeling the long 7 chain. 

I think this year Kui will be helping out with T-Man a lot.  These younger ones take a lot of time and I still have to figure out how to manage working with Kui throughout the day.

Bubs decided to get the moveable alphabet out early this year.  He never really worked with it all the way through the presentations last year. 

T-Man painting.

Painting is contagious apparently.  Nito soon followed.
And then Bubs......

Kui did some math facts review by doing a worksheet frenzy and trying to do it in 5 minutes.  She was a few seconds off, but will try to improve her time next week.

Kui working on the sensorial decanomial.  This is really a work for Bubs, but I thought she could do it for fun and for a good review. 

Nito worked on the number rods and was able to count all the way to 10 without messing up!  I will present the number cards that go with this work next week.  It is exciting to see him progress along with the materials.
There is quite a bit of work that goes on with Kui and Bubs in the afternoon, but the camera never seems to be around.  I will be sure to document some of those moments throughout the year. 

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