Friday, April 10, 2015


Since the beginning of the year, the kiddos have always loved the poetry folder.  I had a compilation from my teaching days and basically started with that.  We got a new book for Christmas and they have really enjoyed that.  We even did a poetry recital for all of my family on Christmas day.  We spent a lot of school days preparing for that!  By the way....don't you love how kids perform so well for you in the comfort of their own home, but freeze like icicles when it's "Showtime" (insert jazz hands!). It was definitely an amateur recital, but it was good exposure for them.  Kui needs to come out of her shell a little more and not be so timid.  Nito just flat out refused to say anything (even though he was the cutest one during practice) and Bubs clung to Kui's side like she was a lifesaver ring a lifeguard throws to you at the beach.  
The Frog on the Log by Ilo Orleans 
This was Nito's favorite poem to do.  For the younger ones, well Kui enjoyed it too, we would make up hand motions to help remember the words.  It is quite funny to see them hopping around the living room like a frog.  It usually got a little out of control so I eventually made them each stand on a work rug and told them that their hopping or big body movements needed to stay confined to their rug.  Well don't you know that the elementary child had the great idea to combine all three rugs together to create a much bigger space to spread their wings!
The past few months have been more focused on Kui and poem memorization.  She will learn more about the parts of a poem and the different kinds next year.  I just don't have the time to delve into the differences between haikus, sonnets, and riddles.  Not to mention the rhyming that is needed as well!  Maybe she is deprived, but I'm almost certain that she will not be tested on poetry on her standardized test next week.  (Yikes, next week!)  Let's pray that her teacher has taught her enough to pass the 2nd grade.  

Kui rewriting a poem.  Good chance for her to practice her cursive!



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